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UnknownPurpose currently unknown.
NoneNPC does not serve a purpose at this time.
OtherOther unique purpose.
Standard Merchant
Regional Merchant
Quest/Mission Related
Nation NPC
Mog House Guard
Gate Guard
Auction House
Signet / Sanction / Sigil
Player Guide
Guild NPC
Guild Merchant
Event Scene Replayer
Title change NPCNPC to change to any previous title, also known as a traveling bard.
Transportation Schedule
Armor DepositoryStores Artifact and other equipment.
Weather ReportProvides weather information for nearby areas.
Transportation Agent
Fame CheckerChecks your fame in the city or town.
Traveling TroopMembers of the traveling troop goes to the first place nation in the conquest.
Map Merchant
ENM Quest Starter
Escort Starter
Linkshell Vender
Mentor Recruiter
Nation Conquest Foreign Guard
Consulate Representative
Allegiance Changer
Outpost Merchant
World Pass Dealer
Lucky Roll Gambler
Ballista related
Event Item StorageStores rare/ex items from events.
AppraiserAppraiser for ??? items from Assault.
Assault Related
Aht Urhgan currency exchangeBreaks down Aht Urhgan currency.
Home PointOnce you set a home point, you will retyrn there whenever you are incapacitated.
Conflict Commander
Map Marker
Gold World Pass Dealer
Chocobo VCS